Petaluma Press Release Related to a Suspicious Vehicle Following a 12 Year Old

On February 7, 2018, at approximately 7:00 am, the 12 year old victim was walking eastbound on McKenzie Avenue. While the victim was walking, he noticed a gold, older model Toyota Corolla travelling behind him at a slow rate of speed. The Toyota was approximately 15-20 feet behind the victim. The Toyota continued to slowly follow the victim as he continued to walk.  At one point the victim came to a complete stop, at which time the Toyota came to a stop.  The victim became scared and hid behind a parked vehicle.  The driver of the Toyota then drove out of the area. The victim estimated the Toyota had followed him for approximately 1 to 3 minutes.

At no time did the driver of the Toyota attempt to speak to the victim. The victim was unable to provide a description of the Toyota’s driver because the Toyota had tinted windows.

This is information only and the Petaluma Police Department has not been able to establish that a crime had been committed.  Anyone with information related to this incident or similar incidents is encouraged to telephone Police Officer Estrella, 707-781-1206.
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