Neighbors helping neighbors in Sonoma.

Sonoma Sheriff:

This afternoon Sonoma Deputies and personnel from outside agencies responded to simultaneous calls of a theft from a car and a fight at a park.

Deputies got to the park and detained Morgan Plumere of Sonoma. After some investigation we learned that Plumere had been seen taking a pair of sunglasses out of a car in an evacuation area. One neighbor called 911 while another neighbor followed Plumere to the park and confronted him.

At the park Deputies conducted a probation search of Plumere and his belongings. They located the missing glasses as well as items that had been previously reported stolen from a local vineyard management company. Plumere was also in possession of an emergency fire shelter that appeared to have been taken from an out of county Fire Department that had responded to assist with the fire.

Plumere was arrested for Looting, Possession of stolen property, Possession of drug paraphernalia, Possession of prescription medications without a prescription and Violation of probation.

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