Bomb Threat

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Calpella Elementary School (151 West Moore Street in Ukiah, CA)

On 02-14-2017 at approximately 9:35 AM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a possible bomb threat at the Calpella Elementary School.

As Deputies were responding to the scene they were notified that a school employees had evacuated the school.

Deputies then requested assistance from the Calpella Fire Department to assist in securing the school.

When Deputies arrived on scene they were contacted by school employees and advised that an unknown male caller had left a voice mail on the school cafeteria answering machine at 11:30 PM on 02-13-2017, advising of a bomb threat.

The Deputies listened to the voice message which appeared to be a disguised male voice, The caller said there would be a “Bomb placed under the restaurant”.

Deputies along with school employees searched the interior and exterior of the Calpella School and the surrounding grounds and no suspicious devices or bomb’s were located.

The Calpella Elementary School was cleared and deemed safe for all students and faculty to return to normal business.

The case is still under investigation and anyone with information or any knowledge is encouraged to contacted the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 707-234-2100 or the business line 707-463-4411.

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